Should Your Electronic Cigarette Look Like A Tobacco Cigarette?

Most people who are just getting started with electronic cigarettes tend to go for e cig styles that look like tobacco cigarettes. This is only natural since it helps them feel more familiar and comfortable with this new technology. One downside of this is that e cigs that look like tobacco cigarettes tend to make people think you are smoking. This can cause you problems.


This sort of “mistaken identity” situation is the reason why many vapers switch to e cigs that do not look like tobacco cigarettes. There are so many interesting, attractive, fun designs to choose from these days that there is absolutely no reason for you to continue looking like a smoker when you are really a vaper.

Today’s e cigs come in all kinds of colors, patterns and finishes. There are e cigs that look like pens, cigars, bongs or slim, simple tubes in vibrant colors or chrome finishes.

Special electronic cigarettes designed for women come in a variety of pretty patterns that can be mixed and matched. These specialty e cigs can also be had with some very attractive and useful accessories that make them both functional and collectible.

Old fashioned e cigs that were made to look like tobacco cigarettes had a tip that looked like ash when not in use and that glowed orange when in use. Today that look is passe. Instead, you will find glowing, jeweled LED tips in colors specifically chosen to match with the design of the e cigarette.

Some e cigs have a series of lights along the side that light in succession for a very eye-catching display. These lights and LED tips often also serve as battery charge indicators letting you know when it is time to switch batteries and charge the one you are using.

Another interesting feature that many e cigs have is a soft touch finish. This is usually not found on e cigs that look like tobacco cigarettes. This soft touch finish makes it more comfortable to hold your electronic cigarette. Instead of feeling cold, hard and slick, your e cig will feel more like a tobacco cigarette with a little give, some warmth and less danger of dropping.

It’s easy to see that with the many choices and features available in e cigs there’s really no reason to pick one that looks like a tobacco cigarette. Collecting e cigs can be an enjoyable hobby that adds an element of fun to vaping.